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12+ Years Experience

We have extensive corporate experience ranging from banking, risk management, digital marketing, entrepreneurship training & development and ICT management.

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As a internet business we are available to assist you around the clock. Our team is always available to assist you in your business journey.

Superior Solutions

We maybe township based but our services and solutions are professional and superior.

Silulo Ulutho Technologies: Luvuyo Rani

A Khayelitsha-based company adjusts its business model — twice — to suit the market, and reaps its rewards. “We realised we had recognised a market — but that the market hadn’t recognised itself,” he says. “People need technology, but we were pitching to a market that simply didn’t know how to use what we were offering.”

Black Entrepreneurship

Black entrepreneurship: a case study on entrepreneurial activities and ambitions in a South African township. The article investigates the current self-employment rate as well as entrepreneurial intentions of the township’s population on the basis of an empirical case study of a single township. It is often assumed that the black population of South Africa (mostly living in townships) has a low participation rate in entrepreneurial activities and a low level of entrepreneurial ambitions. Besides the level of entrepreneurship, personal and socio-economic factors affecting participation in entrepreneurship are explored.

Knowledge Is Power

The Case For Studying Your Customers, Market And Competitors The likes of Coca-Cola and Nike STILL conduct market research every year – why aren’t you.