What we Offer

Township Business Directory

Mamelodibiz is a hyper local entrepreneurship platform which has a built-in online business directory and business tools for the township of Mamelodi.

Individual Approach

We are customer centric and offer tailed made solutions to meet each of our customer’s needs.

Save Money

Our business model allows us to save all our customers money with our bundled offering, free and cost effective pricing. By outsourcing to us we free up your time and save on employee costs.

10+ Years Experience

We have extensive corporate experience ranging from banking, risk management, digital marketing, entrepreneurship training & development and ICT management.

Superior Solutions

We maybe township based but our services and solutions are professional and superior.

24/7 Online Support

As a internet business we are available to assist you around the clock. Our team is always available to assist you in your business journey.

Case Studies

Knowledge Is Power: The Case For Studying Your Customers, Market And Competitors

The likes of Coca-Cola and Nike STILL conduct market research every year – why aren’t you.

Silulo Ulutho Technologies: Luvuyo Rani

A Khayelitsha-based company adjusts its business model — twice — to suit the market, and reaps its rewards. “We realised we had recognised a market — but that the market hadn’t recognised itself,” he says. “People need technology, but we were pitching to a market that simply didn’t know how to use what we were offering.”

Black Entrepreneurship

Black entrepreneurship: a case study on entrepreneurial activities and ambitions in a South African township. The article investigates the current self-employment rate as well as entrepreneurial intentions of the township’s population on the basis of an empirical case study of a single township. It is often assumed that the black population of South Africa (mostly living in townships) has a low participation rate in entrepreneurial activities and a low level of entrepreneurial ambitions. Besides the level of entrepreneurship, personal and socio-economic factors affecting participation in entrepreneurship are explored.

Meet Our Members

Monde Zuma

Monde Zuma

Chief Executive Officer


Extensive corporate experience namely in Banking, Risk Management, Education, Telecommunications, Events Management, Entertainment, Information Technology.

Lulama Ntaka

Lulama Ntaka

Digital Marketing Director


Youth female professional with experience in as a Copywriter, Social Media Marketing, Community & Content Manager.


Trevor Mokwena

Trevor Mokwena

Chief Operations Officer


The heartbeat and engine room of the business, with experience in business processes and operations in different sectors.

Sylvia Mahlangu

Sylvia Mahlangu

Office Manager


Vibrant young lady, whom is the go to person and taking care of the day to management of the office of the dynamic and fast paced township economy movement.


Years of Exp


Entrepreneurs Assisted in 2017


Business Consultant


Award Winning

Latest Projects

Phadzima Cleaning Services

Phadzima Cleaning Services aims to provide superior, excellent, satisfying and professional dedicated cleaning service, only using environment friendly products, to our clients and a labour intensive workforce. Phadzima is committed to excellence in satisfying our customers’ needs and strives for quality and safety. Empower the youth from previously disadvantaged groups, through job creation for them.

Mamelodi Ink

Mamelodi Ink the best tattoo and piercing place in the whole of Mamelodi. Superior tats and body piercing done by a fellow Mamelodian Mamelodi Ink is a place where you’ll feel right at home. We pride ourselves on clean, hygienic and professional art work. Mamelodi Ink follow a strict sterilization routine. Our client’s safety is our first priority… We use only the best when it comes to all of our machines, inks, needles, body jewellery and other equipment. All new equipment is tested on ourselves. All our clients receive the most professional service with world class components and consumables.

Thuso Aluminium & Construction

Thuso Aluminium & Construction is based in Mamelodi West. We manufacture and fit standard and purpose made Aluminium Windows, Shower Doors, Stack-Away Doors, Sliding Doors, Patio/Braai Enclosures, Sun Rooms Shop Fronts. We also remove old and damaged wooden and steel windows and replace them with aluminium, and also service aluminium sliding doors and windows. Safety Glass, Standard Clear and Obscure Glass and Mirrors are cut to customers specifications and fitted on request.

To help entrepreneurs get their act together

before they talk to investors.

Latest News

Growign profit

What profit really is and how to increase it

Most business owners think they understand profits, margins and how much they’re actually making. The reality is that many don’t. How much is your business really making, and what should you do with it?

New exchange for township economy

New exchange to target township economy

Investors may get the opportunity to invest in a third South African stock exchange following the launch of ZAR X, the country’s second after the JSE, earlier this year.

New exchange for township economy

Poverty on the rise in South Africa | Statistics South Africa

According to new data released by Stats SA, poverty is on the rise in South Africa.


30 Million South Africans living in poverty.