The MamelodiBiz Telephony Solution – Lite Version we have been rolling out includes the below:


We are offering is a landline number but it rings or calls come onto your cellphone number. You still use your cellphone nothing changing but you just get on your cellphone number calls that are from your 011, 013, 021, etc.


Virtual Number Services

The lite version of our Telephony offering for only R100 P/M:


1. We give you a 010, 011, 013 etc. (Any of the South African area codes)

2. We forward your calls onto your cell number 082 xxx xxx

3. If you do not answer after a number of rings, we will then forward the call to a secondary number


a. You will instruct us after how many rings if not answer must the call be forwarded              to a second number


b. Or we can have your calls ringing on two Cellphone numbers simultaneously and                anyone of the two cellphone numbers can take the call


There is no contract, if you accept we run on a month-to-month, which is a pre-paid service paid on the 1st of every month.


Signup up is fairly simple:


  • You just send us your details (company name, address, contact person name & surname and their number)
  • You confirm which city’s area code you want and the cellphone number the calls but be routed to
  • You deposit R100 and send us proof of payment, I activate the number to come to your cellphone


Call Prices


0.32 – Local

0.40 – MTN/Vodacom

0.50 – CellC

0.60 – Telkom Mobile


International Calls Wholesale A-Z available on request