Case Studies

20 Jan 2012

A Khayelitsha-based company adjusts its business model — twice — to suit the market, and reaps its rewards. “We realised we had recognised a market — but that the market hadn’t recognised itself,” he says. “People need technology, but we were pitching to a market that simply didn’t know how to use what we were offering.” Read more

1 Mar 2016

Black entrepreneurship: a case study on entrepreneurial activities and ambitions in a South African township. The article investigates the current self-employment rate as well as entrepreneurial intentions of the township’s population on the basis of an empirical case study of a single township. It is often assumed that the black population of South Africa (mostly living in townships) has a low participation rate in entrepreneurial activities and a low level of entrepreneurial ambitions. Besides the level of entrepreneurship, personal and socio-economic factors affecting participation in entrepreneurship are explored. Read more

14 Jul 2017