Construction Certificates

CIDB – The role of the cidb is to facilitate and promote the improved contribution of the construction industry to SA’s economy and society. Amongst others the cidb must promote: uniformity in construction procurement. efficient and effective infrastructure delivery. Do you need a CIDB Registration Certificate for contracts and tenders?


(1) Construction contracts and tenders

When your company has been registered and graded by the CIDB, it qualifies to start doing contract work and apply for tenders.

(2) Database listing

Registered companies can also use the i-Tender service for FREE. The i-Tender service automatically alerts registered contractors of database-listing tender opportunities by email and sms. Tenders are also displayed on the “CIDB Register of Projects / Tenders Page”.

What is a Health and Safety File?

A Health and Safety File, otherwise known as a ‘Contractor Safety File’ is a record of information focusing on the management of health and safety on construction sites for contractors and sub-contractors. It protects the employer from criminal liability and proves compliance to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

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CIDB Registration Level 1 (New or Renewals) (excl. CIDB annual charges)

R1999/Once Off

Do you need a CIDB Registration Level 1 for contracts and tenders? We assist Construction Companies to be registered and graded at the CIBD within the quickest possible timeframe. Apply online.

Step 1: Requirements. Meet these requirements:
A Company
Share Certificates
Tax Clearance
ID or Passport
CSD Registration
Step 2: Payment – within 2 minutes!
Step 3: Information. When you get a quote, we’ll get some information required to prepare your documents.

CIDB Costs: Our fee only covers the facilitation of your CIDB Application. CIDB will charge you an additional annual fee of R450 per ‘class of trade’. This amount must be paid to our CIDB Class Fees account in addition to the fees paid to Company Partners. You will find the banking details attached in this email.

Package Includes:
CIDB Registration
Share Certificate(s)

Current Timeframe – CIDB: 7 Business Days

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NHBRC Renewals (Facilitation Only)

R1899/Once Off

Do you need to do your Company�s NHBRC Registration to be Renewed? We will facilitate your Construction Company�s Renewal of Registration at �The National Home Builders Registration Council� in the quickest possible timeframe.

Easy Steps To Start
Step 1: Requirements. Meet these requirements:
ID or Passport
Business Bank Account
Step 2: Payment
Step 3: Information. When you get a quote, we’ll get some information required to prepare your documents.

Important Information

Fees: Note that the fee payable to us is only a facilitation fee and NHBRC will have a separate fee payable for yearly renewal that will be invoiced to you directly. 
Please provide the Certified ID of the Technical Manager of the Company:
Once the Facilitators have all the outstanding documents then the following documents will be prepared for the client to be signed by each director:

ITC CONSENT FORM – This is a credit check consent form where the NHBRC does a credit check on your company. The reason they do this is because of the high fraud cases they have been experiencing. A credit check will be done on each Director. If there is a judgment against any of the directors then the NHBRC insist the client send a letter where it’s clearly shown that the judgment has been settled. If the judgment is not settled then the NHBRC will not proceed with the renewal until they have received a letter of some sort of settlement or agreement. 

Current Timeframe – THE NHBRC: 14 Business Days

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Health and Safety File

R4999/Once Off

Do you need to compile a Health and Safety Plan for your Company? A Health and Safety Plan is a summary of the risks and procedures of construction work which your Company is undertaking. For each site, activity or project of a Company, a Health and Safety Plan is required. This plan is set up in accordance with the Client’s Health and Safety specifications, which are based on the OHS Act and Regulations.

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