COID Registration



Do you need to be a Registered Employer with the Compensation Fund of South Africa?

This will enable you to apply for a Letter of Good standing as well.

We will do your COID Registration at the Compensation Fund in the quickest possible timeframe.

Get a DISCOUNT when you order the Letter of Good Standing as well!


You will be Assessed.An Assessment will be done on the Estimated and/or Actual Earnings completed on the COID Registration form. Assessment Fees from Department of Labour will be sent to you for payment to Compensation Commissioner directly and is not included in our service/registration fees.

NB! Note the date you put on the form. If your date of 1st Employee to be covered is before 1 March of the current year, you will be required to submit the Actual Earnings for the previous years as well.

Delays: The Department of Labor are currently experiencing delays due to the National Lockdown, your application may be affected.


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