PSIRA Registration (Facilitation Fee)

Security Company Registration Package – Do you need PSIRA Registration for your Security Company? We can assist by facilitating the entire process – setting up the application; standing in the queues at PSIRA and ensuring that your Security Company is compliant for Tenders and Contracts.

Important Information

(1) Site Visits: After we’ve submitted your documentation, PSIRA will confirm when they want to do a site visit to make sure your Office(s) is up to PSIRA’s standards, which means the office(s) must be equipped with: A desk; A Chair; Working fax machine; Working Telkom line; Lockable filing cabinet; Personal Computer (Not a laptop, must be immovable). 

(2) Payment to MamelodiBiz and PSIRA: The fee payable to MamelodiBiz is a facilitation fee for the process. PSIRA will charge you a separate non-refundable application fee of R6500 

(3) Only Directors with South African ID documents may register with PSIRA. 

(4) In cases where any work has started on this service before any cancellation request is received and in line with our Company Policies, we reserve the right to determine the value of such administration fee above that confirmed in our T+C’s 

NB. We need the original documents. Please Courier all the Original Documents required, as listed in requirements above, to US. We will contact you to arrange for this to be delivered to us.

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We facilitate the entire process to have your business registered for PSIRA.

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PSIRA Registration (Facilitation Fee)

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