Simply Amazing Email Marketing Tips

#1 – Don’t Do It Just to Do It

Don’t send email marketing campaigns just because you need to check it off your to-do list! Determine the primary goal of every marketing campaign before sending even one email.

#2 – Create a Feeling of Exclusivity

The best emails you get are the ones that offer special information, discounts, or perks for being a member of that list. Do your best to make your email list feel special by including these items and mentioning that they’re the only ones who receive them.

#3 – Create Segmented Lists to Personalize

Segment your list by lifecycle or buyer persona. Segmenting lets you send targeted emails with specific marketing messages that will result in higher engagement and conversions.

#4- Remember to Send Valuable Content Too

Not every email should be “buy this, buy this, buy this!” Maintain a balance between educating your subscribers and promoting your products or services. If you send your email list educational, relevant, and timely information they can use and learn from, they will open more of your emails and engage with more of the content.

#5 – Back Up Your Claim with Social Proof

You can wax poetic about the benefits of your product or service all day long, but every one of your competitors can do the same. Instead, include a review or endorsement by one of your customers in your email and you’ll be showing others what a real person thinks about what you have to offer. If you can include a screenshot of a Facebook comment or tweet, it’s even more powerful because it shows that it’s real and that the person cared enough to share it with their community.

#6 – Personalize Subject Lines with Names

For some reason, we can spot our names in an instant. If people are scrolling through hundreds of emails in their inboxes, they will likely stop for a second if they see their names. When possible, include the subscriber’s name in the subject and the body of the email as well.

#7 – Include Multiple Levels of CTAs

Give your subscribers multiple levels of CTAs to pursue depending on their level of trust with your brand. Start with a simple request like “Like Us on Facebook,” and bring them up to a higher level like “Upgrade Your Level of Service.”

#8 – Include a Downloadable Offer or Gift

Link to a valuable download as a way of adding value to each and every email. If you have a great offer, you should share it with those who have already opted in to your mailing list.

#9 – Request Feedback

Ask your subscribers to reply to your email with answers to questions, reviews, or their own queries about your product. For example, in every Uhuru email we ask subscribers to let us know if they enjoyed the content we’ve shared by responding to the email.

#10 – Personalized Subject Lines with Locations

Just like you did with names, try sending your subscribers emails that include their town or city in the subject line. Test emails with names vs. locations and see which gets the better open rate, click-through rate, etc.

#11 – Re-engage Your Subscribers with a Second Email

Do you have a very low open rate? Send a reengagement email to get the subscriber interested again. Re-engagement campaigns can include sending a survey to ask what they would like to see more of, a change in email preferences, or based on their history send them a discount or freebie you know they will love.

#12 – Set Up a New Subscriber Email Workflow

When a new person subscribes to your email list, in addition to your welcome email, send 4 to 5 additional emails that introduce your company. These emails could include the most popular content on your website, guides, whitepapers, or checklists that you have developed, and fun facts about your business.

#13 – Write Your Emails As If You Were Talking to a SIngle Person

Don’t generalize your content. Write your emails as if you’re writing it to your best customer. It will make your emails more personal and make the reader feel special. Be sure to include the words “you,” “I,” “us,” etc.

#14 – When Directing People to a Page on Your Website, Include Multiple Links

Add a link to a button, text, and an image. These additional links increase the chances of people clicking through on the link.

#15 – Use Buttons

People like clicking on buttons more than linked words. If you haven’t figured it out by now, you have to make things as easy as possible for your subscribers. People don’t give a whole lot of attention to reading most of their emails, so be very clear about what you want your subscribers to do.

#16 – Always Include a “P.S.”

We’ve tested using a postscript in our emails and including a link as well. Most of the time, the link in the P.S. is the most-clicked element. You can include a link to a recent blog post, downloadable offer, etc., and test your response to determine what your subscribers like best.

#17 – If You Have an Urgent Email, Include a Sense of Urgency in Your Subject

Use time-sensitive action words that will encourage your readers to act immediately instead of waiting.

Keep these powerful email marketing tips in mind the next time you’re working on your emails. I know these email marketing best practices and tips will set you on the path to email marketing success.

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