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5 Best Marketing Automation Platforms for Your Business

5 Best Marketing Automation Platforms for Your Business Marketing automation platforms can help you streamline your business. Automatic marketing tasks can save you significant time and money. Using a marketing automation platform for your business can help you get your time back from time-draining tasks. Something every business owner (or marketing person) posting manually can attest is a must. What is Marketing Automation? Marketing automation platforms remove all or part of the human component. This means that time-consuming or repetitive parts of your business happen with less human involvement. Some marketing processes you can automate include: Email marketing Social media…

19 Instagram Marketing Strategies that Work

19 Instagram Marketing Strategies that Work Everyone has Instagram. Dogs and babies have Instagram. Even babies who haven’t been born yet are racking up followers. If you’re feeling behind, know this: making a splash with Instagram marketing has been done over and over, which means you can do it, too. Certain tactics work in a pretty foolproof way. Ninety percent of Instagram accounts follow a business. If you get Instagram marketing right, it can be worth the money and time you invest in the platform. You have to continually create content that grabs your audience’s attention, grow your following and increase your engagement…