Business VoIP Landlines and PBX Switchboard Systems

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Sorry! This product is not available for purchase at this time.
Sorry! This product is not available for purchase at this time.

Prepaid Minutes – True Per Second

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Many clients are moving from traditional analogue business telephone systems over to VoIP. Fixed Copper Lines and Telephone Exchanges are soon to be discontinued.

Cheaper Rentals

We provide much cheaper business line rentals and it includes an online dashboard to manage your numbers and control call costs.

Better Call Rates

Take advantage of our low call rates all billed at only true-per-second from the 1st second. Huge savings on call costs are made just on the minutes being billed pro-rata.

FREE Calling 24/7

All calls on our network are absolutely FREE, including ported numbers. Inter-branch and on-net, as long as you are using our service, calls to other Black Tie numbers are FREE!

What is MamelodiBiz Virtual Number?

From 1 to UNLIMITED users!

MamelodiBiz Virtual Number is simply the easiest way to get a business telephone system on your existing cellphone(s) – easily connect from one single user to as many users as you want, instantly and securely, and without any technical expertise needed!

The revolutionary new MamelodiBiz Virtual Number hosted switchboard system that has done away with all the complexities and costs of traditional and even VoIP business PBX systems … this means that with MamelodiBiz Virtual Number there are:


With a quick and easy setup and user friendly dashboard, you will be making and receiving calls on your new VoIP landlines phone within minutes. We simply add a number of your choice to a SIP account. We send you the details and you can then log into your dashboard. Here you will find your device details, call records, calls billing and airtime balances, usernames, passwords, and features to manage and improve your business communications. The system is simple and easy to understand, and our team are ready to assist via remote support.

Don’t stress, your existing number can also be ported. Choose single numbers or take an entire PBX with multiple extensions. Save on hardware and on call rates by up to 70%. True-per-second billing from 0.28c per min. Comes with your own full featured Dashboard you can use from anywhere for all your voip landlines.